Dr. Emily Wood

Dr Emily Wood joined PIDG in April 2019 supporting the HSES team provide social performance and safeguarding support across the group. She has over 25 years’ experience in environmental and social risk management across the energy and consultancy sector. She has a broad and diverse range of project and community-based experience across UK, Eastern Europe… Continue reading Dr. Emily Wood

Brenda Omuombo

Brenda joined PIDG as Regional HSES Manager in October 2020 and based in our Nairobi office. She works with the PIDG HSES Director and his team and the PIDG Companies to monitor and support HSES performance in the Company’s portfolio projects. She has over 10 years’ experience in offering advisory services and implementing HSES systems… Continue reading Brenda Omuombo

Cameron Bain

Cameron joined PIDG as Health Safety Environmental and Social (HSES) Director in 2018 and facilitates the PIDG Ltd. HSES Committee. He has over 25 years as an HSES Leader working and supporting energy and infrastructure projects across Africa, Asia and South East Asia. Highly experienced on DFIs & MDBs, IOGP, and IFC HSES Standards and… Continue reading Cameron Bain