Cameron Bain

PIDG team member Cameron Bain

Cameron joined PIDG as Health Safety Environmental and Social (HSES) Director in 2018 and facilitates the PIDG Ltd. HSES Committee. He has over 25 years as an HSES Leader working and supporting energy and infrastructure projects across Africa, Asia and South East Asia. Highly experienced on DFIs & MDBs, IOGP, and IFC HSES Standards and Compliance. He holds a Bsc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen and a Pg. Dip in Environmental Risk and Technology from Edinburgh Napier University. Cameron’s continuous goal is to make a positive difference to Health, Safety, Environmental and Social (HSES) culture across the PIDG group. With his hands-on approach to risk mitigation and ESG governance, he continues to drive the teams to the ultimate goal: investment in infrastructure projects delivering positive development impact in the host countries we operate. Performed safely, aligned with minimal impact on communities and the environment. He works closely with the PIDG development impact teams programmatic work to deepen development impact across our portfolio with a focus on gender and human rights, safeguarding and climate mitigation.